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Beverages and Bar Services
Non Alcoholic Beverage Services

Beverage Services

All beverages include ice and disposable cups
Soft drinks $1.95 each

Bottled Waters $1.50 each
Iced Tea $1.95 per person

Lemonade $1.95 per person

Iced Tea and Lemonade $2.50 per person         
Iced Tea, Lemonade, Punch $3.00 per person      

Coffee and Iced Tea $3.00 per person   
Coffee $2.50 per person - may be ordered in increments of 25
Soda Bar  
$3.00 per person (served event)
Includes setup, clear/frosted disposable beverage cups, ice, soft drinks, tea and linens for Soda bar. 
(up to a 4 hour event) 

All Day Corporate Events Beverages by Consumption
Soft Drinks $1.95 each 
Bottled Waters $1.50 each
Gallon of Iced Tea $10.00 each
Gallon of Lemonade $10.00 each
Gallon of Coffee $15.00
Drop Off Delivery or Pick-Up Beverages                                       
Soft Drink Cans $1.95 each                                                    
Ice Tea and Lemonade $10.00 per gallon
Coffee $17.00 per gallon 
Delivery coffee service includes disposable thermal dispenser, cups, sweet-n-low, sugar, creamers, stir sticks