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Beverages and Bar Services
Client Provided & Donated Liquors

Client Provided and Donated Liquors

Client Provided Liquors 
Ladyfingers can provide licensed bar services involving client provided liquors, beers and wines if your event is being held at a facility that allows you to supply your own alcohol. A $1.00 per guest liquor liability charge will be added to your bill for the use of our liquor license. 
If your venue allows you to provide your own alcohol, you may also provide your own complete bar set up, or Ladyfingers may provide all or part of the set up for you at an additional charge. Glassware is available from local rental companies. 
Donated Liquors 
If you are a non-profit organization and if your alcohol is being donated, then it typically has to be ordered through licensed distributors by Ladyfingers, paid for by Ladyfingers, stored by Ladyfingers and delivered to the site by Ladyfingers. 
The distributor that the alcohol was ordered from may pick up leftover liquors within 48 hours from Ladyfingers or we will keep all leftover donated alcohol. 
Ladyfingers may not legally distribute leftover alcohol to anyone except the original licensed distributor of the product