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A La Carte
Hot Sides

The hot sides menu includes vegetable, pasta and starch selections. See below for more details.


Country Green Beans 
Slow cooked, tender green beans with smoked ham and bacon

Italian Green Bean Medley 
Crisp green beans with red pepper and yellow squash

Italian Green Bean and Potato Medley
Fresh green beans and potatoes tossed with garlic olive oil and oregano

Haricot Vert 
Fresh steamed green beans simmered in butter and topped with toasted almond slivers

Green Bean Casserole 
topped with caramelized onions

Grilled Green Beans and Mushrooms 
with caramelized onions 

Grilled Vegetable Medley
Seasonal grilled garden vegetable medley tossed in garlic olive oil

Broccoli with Hollandaise
Steamed broccoli crown with lemon hollandaise

Broccoli Casserole 
with rice and cheddar cream sauce

Spicy Broccoli with Pancetta
Broccoli crowns tossed with fried pancetta, roasted garlic herb oil

Creamed Spinach Phunque 
with maplewood bacon, cheddar and cremini mushrooms

Sauteed Spinach with Wild Mushrooms 

Wilted Spinach with Pinenuts 

Collard Greens w/smoked ham bone

Cauliflower Au Gratin
Steamed cauliflower with cheddar cheese sauce and toasted buttered bread crumbs

Roasted Cauliflower with lemon caper sauce

Aloo Gobi Cauliflower & potatoes with turmeric & cilantro

Buttered Peas with Pearl Onions

Brussel Sprouts 
Roasted and tossed with maplewood bacon

Orange Roasted Rainbow Carrots

Glazed Baby Carrots
Tossed in brown sugar butter

Roasted Baby Carrots 
with dill or thyme butter

Bourbon Glazed Baby Carrots
Tossed with bourbon brown sugar butter

Fried Country Cream Corn
with maplewood bacon, onion and cream

Grilled Spiced Corn
Grilled with butter, chili powder and romano cheese

Grilled Shuck-on Corn
served with butter

Corn Coblets
steamed with butter

Sauteed Buttered Corn

Kentucky Corn Pudding
Baked custard with sweet corn

Spanish Corn
with peppers, onion and chili pepper

Steamed with dill butter

Parmesan butter roasted Asparagus with toasted pinenuts

Asparagus Mornay
Steamed with creamy sauce

Grilled Asparagus Medley
Grilled with roasted red pepper and yellow squash

Grilled Asparagus with Red Pepper Sauce 

Sauteed Mushrooms 
with garlic and herbs 

Eggplant Gateau 
with cherry tomato, basil and parmesan 

Baked Apples
with cinnamon and brown sugar butter

Pasta and Starches

Gnocchi Mac N Cheese

Wilted Spinach Orzo with red bell pepper & parmesan cheese

Garlic Pamesan Quinoa

Maple Roasted Butternut Squash with Sage Butter

Lobster Cavatappi Sherry Mac N Cheese

Baked Macaroni and Cheese
with homemade bechamel and three cheeses

BLT Macaroni and Cheese
with smoked bacon and tomato

Fiesta Macaroni and Cheese
with pico de gallo

Hot Brown Macaroni and Cheese
with roast turkey, tomato and maplewood bacon in creamy mornay sauce

Parmesan Alfredo Macaroni and Cheese

Rosemary Parmesan Polenta with Marinara

Saffron Rice Pilaf
with peppers, onion and tomato

Wild Rice Pilaf
with mushroom

Fried Rice
with scrambled egg, peas and carrot

BBQ Baked Beans
with onion, bacon and smoky BBQ sauce

Refried Beans
Homemade refried pinto beans with cheese

Cajun Rice and Beans
with peppers, onion and cajun seasonings

Spanish Rice
with pico de gallo and cilantro

Sage Dressing
with celery, onions and sage

Sausage and Fennel Stuffing
Cornbread Stuffing

Apple, Brandy and Sausage Dressing

Choice of Mashed Potato:
buttered, roasted garlic, cheddar, chive, horseradish, caramelized onion with bleu cheese or gruyere
Duchess Smashed Potatoes
Smashed potatoes whipped with cheddar cheese, sour cream and chive

Baked Potatoes
with butter and sour cream

Loaded Mashed Potatoes
with sour cream, cheddar, chive and bacon

Stuffed Baked Potatoes
with butter, sour cream, chive, bacon and cheddar cheese

Seasalt Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

BBQ Butter Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Rosemary Roasted New Potatoes
tossed in roasted garlic olive oil

Maplewood Smoked Bacon Roast Potatoes
with caramelized onions

Roasted Red, Yukon Gold and Sweet Potato Medley

Potatoes Au Gratin
Layered with three cheese bechamel and bacon
topped with buttered toasted bread crumbs

Rosemary Fennel Potato Gratin

Hash Brown Casserole
Creamy shredded potato with cheese and bacon

Streuselled Sweet Potato Casserole
Whipped with brown sugar, pecans and marshmallow

Candied Yams
with pecans and marshmallow

Potato Au Gratin
with sun dried tomato, creamy alfredo sauce and parmesan

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